[Solution] Make A-B Same Solution Codechef

Make A-B Same Solution Codechef You are given two binary arrays �A and �B, each of size �N (�≥3)(N≥3). You can perform the following operation on array �A: Select three indexes �,�,i,j, and �k (1≤�<�<�≤�)(1≤i<j<k≤N), and set ��=��Aj​=Ai​ ∣∣ ��Aj​ ∣∣ ��Ak​. Here ∣∣ denotes the bitwise OR operation. Determine whether it is possible to convert the array �A to array �B by applying any (possibly zero) number of given operations. Note that, in a binary array each element is either 00 or 11. Input … Read more