The taxman has a way of really hitting you hard when you’re already having financial problems.  Back taxes and outrageous tax bills can add up—couple that with penalties, interest and the threat of the government seizing your property, wages and house and there feels like there is no way out.  Don’t believe the myths—bankruptcy can eliminate your tax debt!  Our specialists will let you know, for free, if your tax debt can be erased in bankruptcy!  Get your 100% free evaluation on how our tax attorney experts can help you erase the tax liability you owe with bankruptcy!

What About Tax Negotiators?

Don’t be fooled by companies that claim you will pay “pennies on the dollar” for what you owe in back taxes.  Their claims are baseless and in no way honest—the IRS wants their money, and these negotiators will save just enough money on your bill to make sure they earn thousands of dollars themselves.  But there is a way out—bankruptcy.  Our attorney specialists know how to eliminate, erase or restructure your tax debt—and we are happy to let you know our secrets for free!  Go on, start your free consultation with an attorney expert right now!

Can My Tax Debt Really Get Eliminated?

Yes.  In many cases, our experts can eliminate the amount you owe the IRS by filing bankruptcy on your behalf.  Of course, this is not always the case, which is why only we offer you a free attorney evaluation to let you know if your tax debts can be erased.  We want to get you back on the right track, the path to financial freedom.

Our experts will spend time with you, for free, going over the elements necessary to determine if you can erase your tax debt with bankruptcy.  Some of the elements we will cover with you are the following:

  • What Types of Taxes You Need Eliminated:  Whether its income taxes, property taxes, estate taxes, or local municipality taxes, we have the answers for you!
  • Fraud:  Determining what level of culpability meets the level of fraud is debatable—fake social security numbers are a big no-no—but a simple mistake or miscalculation is not fraud.
  • Age of the Tax Debt:  If your tax debt is too old, you may not qualify to have it discharged and eliminated through bankruptcy.  Contact an experienced expert attorney for free to find out if your tax debt fits the formula.
  • Filing of Returns:  Rules regarding whether you filed a tax return for the debt you are trying to discharge must be strictly followed.  In most cases, the time period is shorter than you would think; only an attorney expert can properly evaluate this for you—contact us right now.
  • The “240 Day Rule”:  The IRS is going to want to look at your tax debt and make assessments to it prior to the filing of your bankruptcy petition.  This is why it is essential that you get the information you need from a qualified specialist in tax bankruptcy.  We’ll provide you with the information you need for free!

Tax Debts in Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

As you may have read on our site, there are some differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  A quick recap:  Chapter 7 is what is known as a “total liquidation” bankruptcy, whereby you claim little to no assets or money and have all the debt wiped away.  Our team is comprised of experts that know exactly what moves to make to eliminate your debt.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy, on the other hand, sets up a payment plan whereby a debtor will repay all or a portion of the debt they owe over a number of years and the rest is then erased.  Only an expert attorney like those at can properly evaluate your situation to see what type will work best for you—this is why it is important to contact us right away for a free attorney specialist evaluation!

Chapter 7 Tax Bankruptcy vs. Tax Debt

Good news—Chapter 7 bankruptcy eliminates income tax debts for good!  There are specific requirements that you must meet to erase your tax debt, but our attorneys will walk you through those steps with a free consultation today!  Some of the elements required are as follows:

  • When was your tax return due?  This is time-sensitive, which is why you need to contact our experts immediately!
  • When was the last time you filed a tax return?  If the return is too old, it cannot be eliminated—you must act now to ensure we can erase your tax debt!

Contacting us immediately is your best bet at eliminating thousands of dollars in tax liability and moving on with your life.  No one else provides experts that are standing by to discuss your particular situation with the compassion that you deserve—and all free of charge!

Chapter 13 Tax Bankruptcy vs. Tax Debt

Tax debts under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan follow a similar course as normal debts do.  A trustee and judge work on a repayment plan that fits your budget and eliminates future penalties and interest from accruing—saving you thousands of dollars.  Of course, the length of the plan, and the total amount owed, can vary which is why you need to talk to an expert for free to discuss your options.  Our experts may help you make the right moves to save years and thousands of dollars!  Contacting us for a free evaluation is the first step to moving forward with a debt free life!

What Now???

Easy:  contact us immediately for a 100% free tax debt attorney evaluation.  There’s no catch—just free help with your situation.  This is what we do and we’re good at it, let us help put your mind at ease knowing that an experienced fighter is on your side.  Contact us right now, we’re ready to tell the taxman you’ve had enough!